Vote No on the Fairfax County Meals Tax on Nov 8th
Fairfax Residents Beware: A 10% meals tax would be 2nd $100 million tax increase this year!

On November 8th, Fairfax County voters will be asked to vote for or against a Meals Tax, that, if passed, would:

  • impose a 4% tax on top of the existing 6% sales tax to ALL prepared foods and ready-to-eat meals
  • tax a long list of food items from restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, gas stations, food trucks, hot dog stands, coffee shops, pizza delivery, hotel food and beverage banquets, and more.
  • be the 2nd $100 million tax this year on those who can least afford it
  • disproportionately impact lower income & middle class families
  • hurt small business and cost us jobs
  • make Fairfax County less competitive in the region.
Vote NO on the Meals Tax on Nov 8th

It impacts food prices and your family budget.

In these tough economic times, family budgets are being stretched thin with everything from higher tolls to higher premiums. A food tax poses just another burden on busy families that already have enough to worry about. It affects low to middle income families disproportionately, as they are the primary consumers of prepared meals.

While the Board would have you believe that commuters would primarily pay the tax, that just isn't the case. As you know, eating out is sometimes not a choice but a necessity. With just over 1.1 million residents, Fairfax County residents and families would be those primarily affected by this tax, effectively paying 10% on prepared meals in total tax if this referendum passes.

It unfairly targets and taxes restaurants
and the food services industry.

A food tax would single out the hospitality and tourism industry, which recently just saw rates rise in northern Virginia by 2% to fund transportation improvements. It unfairly targets a single industry, puts even more of a burden on local businesses, and could harm the local economy. Additionally, it would add costly bureaucracy between local government and local businesses. It would waste time, money and resources that could be used to grow business in the county.

With Fairfax County currently having rates competitive to D.C. and neighboring Maryland counties, many large groups and organizations choose to host their breakfasts, galas, conventions and conferences here. Raising the food tax rate would put that revenue at risk and could drive these large events out of Fairfax County and even out of the state, negatively impacting local businesses.

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Foodservice Industry White Paper
This white paper examines the history, timeline and specific effects of implementing a food tax in Fairfax County.
Fairfax County Meals Tax Task Force Final Report
In 2014, a task force was convened and delivered a final report to the Board of Supervisors investigating whether or not to implement a food tax in the county.

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Join The Fairfax Families Against the Food Tax in opposition to the proposed four percent tax increase on all meals and ready-to-eat food items in Fairfax County food establishments. Sign our petition and VOTE NO on the November 8th ballot.

Whereas Fairfax County already taxes and spends at the rate of nearly $7.5 Billion per year; and,
Whereas the Fairfax County Board recently raised our property taxes by $100 Million per year; and,
Whereas adding a new regressive 4% tax to all meals and prepared foods purchased by us here in Fairfax County will hurt our low, middle, and fixed income residents most; and,
Whereas this new 4% tax unfairly targets restaurants and food service workers only; and
Whereas the tax would bring the total tax on meals and prepared foods to 10%;

Be it resolved, I OPPOSE the so-called “Meals Tax” and urge all Fairfax County residents to vote NO on November 8th.


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