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About is a growing coalition—that started in Fairfax County—of restaurants, businesses, organizations, and individuals from across the Commonwealth of Virginia that oppose increases on meals taxes.

Meals taxes are imposed on prepared meals and beverages from establishments including fast-casual, fast food, and fine-dining restaurants; ready-to-eat meals at gas stations and grocery store delis; coffee and doughnut shops; food trucks; movie theaters; and more.

How Meals Taxes Work

The state of Virginia imposes a 4.3% sales tax on meals, and localities such as counties, cities, and towns typically include their own, dedicated meals tax on top of that—often increasing the total tax on prepared meals to 10% or more!

Counties across the state are bound by the Dillon Rule that requires any tax referendum be voted on by residents. Cities and Towns, on the other hand, can simply add or increase a meals tax if the City or Town Council chooses to adopt the change in the annual budget.